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Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Acute Care at Home (Hospital at Home) Trial

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Older people are being admitted to hospital as an emergency in increasing numbers. From a system perspective this trend is not sustainable, and from a patient perspective there are many reasons to question whether a hospital is the best place of care for older adults with frailty. There is some evidence that indicates hospital care can be potentially harmful due to a lack of mobility and a risk of hospital acquired infection. In addition, the current economic climate does not allow for the expansion of hospital bed numbers to match the growth in admission numbers.

This multi-site trial will look at how providing acute care at home, sometimes called Hospital at Home, compares with admission to hospital. We will assess how well providing acute care in the home works by looking at patients' health, the experiences of both the people we recruit and the people who take care of them (for example their next of kin or a carer), and the costs of the service.

ISRCTN60477865 - A Multi-Centre Randomised Controlled Trial to Compare the Effectiveness of Admission Avoidance Hospital at Home with Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment vs. Inpatient Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment on the Number of Frail Older People "Living at Home".

Link to the record in ISRCTN Register: .