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Patients are allocated to either Hospital at Home or Inpatient Hospital Care, and data are collected on functional ability, quality of life, satisfaction and healthcare resource use at baseline and six months. The primary outcome is "living at home", this is collected at six and twelve months after randomisation.

Trial Design Flowchart 

Description of the trial design flowchart

The flowchart has one box per point below.

  • Patients are assessed for the study. If the patient does not take part, the reasons for not taking part in the study are recorded.
  • Consent and agreement to take part in the study; information collected from patients
  • Either allocated to "Hospital at Home" or "Inpatient Hospital Care".
  • Collection of baseline information from the participant.
  • Day 3 and 5 and at 1 month: brief assessment of delirium.
  • 6 months follow-up information about living at home, information about health and resource use.
  • 12 month collection of follow-up information about where you live.